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Our Organization

Friends of Canty is a parent run organization guided by a desire to strengthen, encourage, and support the educational and social experiences of Canty students.  Through various fundraising activities and social events, Friends of Canty raises proceeds to benefit the school community with, and not limited to, programming, needed materials, and a variety of engaging social events catering to students and families. Volunteers are a vital component required for Friends of Canty to succeed, and all are invited to participate in as many happenings as possible!  


Our Mission

Friends of Canty exists to: 


Our Values

Commitment: to be dedicated to every child regardless of, including but not limited to:  age, culture, economic status, ethnicity, gender, legal status, physical ability, political philosophy, race, religion, and/or sexual orientation.

Accountable: to take responsibility for any successes and/or shortcomings and to use those lessons to achieve the group's goals in all events and fundraising. 

Notice:  to respect and acknowledge the donations of time, materials, and financing from volunteers and Canty community members.

Thoughtful: to be willing to collaborate with a variety of individuals and organizations and to consider all suggestions for in progress events and fundraising as well as those in the future.

Youth:  to remember that the group exists to bring joy and fun to the students of Canty and not to fulfill the needs of only one. 


Volunteer Expectations

All participating volunteers at events should understand and commit to helping all students fairly and not to discriminate against or favor particular students.  Volunteers must also agree to follow the specific guidelines and rules given before each scheduled event, and all volunteers need to be at least a Level 2 volunteer.